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Why Walk-In Cooler Floor Insulation is Important

Why Walk-In Cooler Floor Insulation is Important

Proper walk-in cooler insulation helps your cooler maintain the proper temperature and keeps your inventory safe and stable. The last thing a business owner wants to deal with is needless expenses from inefficient walk-in operations. Without proper insulation, cool air is able to escape from your walk-in and warm air is able to penetrate it – causing fluctuating  temperatures and humidity levels. Keeping temperatures stable and secure also helps your  inventory stay fresh longer and lowers supply costs.

Insulation is required for almost all walk-in coolers. The only time a walk-in does not require insulation is when it is installed on ground level cement with no other rooms underneath it.

Things To Consider When It Comes To Flooring


If your walk-in cooler is installed above another room, insulation is necessary to avoid condensation build up in the material between the two rooms. Condensation can lead to serious mold problems over time and needs to be avoided. Long term build up of moisture and condensation can also damage components of the building your walk-in is located in – making it less structurally sound.


If your walk-in cooler is located in a warmer environment (such as a warehouse or kitchen) an insulated floor helps fight against competing temperature levels. An insulated floor can also protect sensitive floor materials that may not respond well to humidity and moisture – such as hardwood flooring or carpeting. The last thing you want in your walk-in is moldy carpet or warped hardwood.


If you decide to ditch flooring insulation, concrete flooring is the way to go. Concrete with vinyl, resin, or tile on top of it also works for walk-ins without insulated floors. These materials do an adequate job of protecting your inventory from outside temperatures.

Choosing a good foundation and floor for your walk-in is extremely beneficial. Not only does it keep the cost of running your walk-in down but it protects both your products and your employees. With proper flooring, mold growth is kept to a minimum and the risk of accidents from slippery floors is kept down.

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