Warranty Terms & Conditions


A LIMITED EXPRESS WARRANTY subject to terms & conditions below, covers all units sold by Bush Refrigeration   Hereunder, such warranty shall provide as follows: 

1.     The Warranty period shall begin upon receipt of equipment by consignee 

2.     Due to handling of the unit, under normal circumstances, unit can take 48-120 hours for the temperature to regulate.  Bush Refrigeration Inc does not recommend putting product into the unit during this time frame. 

3.     The Warranty is subject to compliance with certain maintenance and usage requirements, which shall include, but not be limited to:  

a)        The power source must be maintained so as to provide the power specified by electrical specifications of the unit.

b)       The unit must be taken out of service immediately if it malfunctions in any way.

c)        The unit must not be used for any purpose other than that which was specified at the time of purchase.

d)       The specified air or water flow to the condensing unit must be maintained at all times while the unit is in operation.

e)        The cabinet access door must not be permitted to remain open for extended periods of time.

f)        The condenser coil must be cleaned as often as necessary to prevent any buildup of foreign materials, which will impede or block the required airflow.

g)       The unit must not be altered or moved from the original place of installation at the job site or moved to another job site.

h)       The unit must not be subject to abuse in any way.

i)         Failure to notify Bush Refrigeration of the service problem prior to repairing, releases Bush Refrigeration from being held responsible for paying the claim.

j)         Any defective parts, invoices & supply house invoices must be returned to Bush Refrigeration within 30 DAYS of the date of service.  Claims (ie parts & invoices) received after 30 days of service call will not be considered.

k)       All returned parts & invoices must be clearly marked with return authorization number.



a)        PARTS WARRANTY – Bush Refrigeration Inc. will replace any existing parts to your unit during the period of 1 year from the date of delivery excluding light bulbs & glass shelves.   Bulbs & glass shelves are specifically excluded under parts warranty & would be sole responsibility of the buyer.  Bush Refrigeration will ship all replacement parts unless specific authorization is given otherwise by  an authorized Bush Refrigeration representative.  Credit will be issued on approved supply house invoices & parts found to be defective within 30 days of receipt of said parts & invoices.

b)       COMPRESSOR WARRANTY – The compressor is warranted for five (5) years from the date of delivery and subject to following conditions.  Compressor tags off failed compressor must be sent to Bush Refrigeration for reimbursement or replacement. Filters/dryers & any other starting components should be considered parts and are not covered under warranty after the initial 1 year parts warranty period.

c)        WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS -  Bush Refrigeration, Inc. hereby specifies that there are certain conditions and/or items which are excluded, but not limited to the following as listed below:

1)       Bush Refrigeration, Inc. under no circumstances shall be responsible for any loss of any type of product, including but not limited to any flower, plant and/or food stuff.   Loss of business, due to any defect, delay or malfunction of any equipment.  Moreover, Bush Refrigeration, Inc. shall not be responsible for any damage or economic loss resulting from fire, flood, civil disorder, earthquake or any other event not covered under the enclosed warranty.

2)       Adjustments of any type are not covered under the warranty.  This would include but not be limited to:  temperature controls, defrost time clocks, doors etc.  Adjustments are not covered under any circumstance and are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

3)       Freon / Freon leaks, under any circumstances, are not considered parts & will not be covered under any portion of the Bush Refrigeration, Inc  Express Warranty

4)       Warranty excludes shipping cost on all replacement parts

Bush Refrigeration, Inc. and buyer specifically understand and acknowledge that there are no warranties, either expressed or implied hereunder other than the warranties which are specifically stated herein.  Said buyer shall rely on no other assertations, representations or statements, other than those specifically expressed in this warranty and/or attached purchase agreement, or expressed in writing, signed by a duly authorized agent of Bush Refrigeration, Inc.