Floral Coolers



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Floral Coolers

Floral Coolers by Bush Refrigeration

Floral Walk-In Coolers provide storage for delicate flowers need a proper environment in order to remain fresh for your customers. Floral Walk-In Coolers have windows so shoppers can easily view flower arrangements without disrupting temperature and humidity levels by opening doors and allowing outside air to enter the cooler. Flower Coolers are set at low velocity so that airflow doesn’t dry out or damage fragile flower petals.

  • Glass Entry Doors
    Glass Entry Doors
    Available in all glass or 1/3 glass, kick plates and push bars are optional.
  • Lighting options for glass doors
    Lighting options for glass doors
    LED, Optimax
  • Finishes
    Galvanized, Black, White
  • Screeds
  • View Port Windows
    View Port Windows
    Glass portal for viewing inside of cooler/freezer
  • Indoor Condensing Unit
    Indoor Condensing Unit
    Assembly of compressor, condenser, fan motor, and controls for cooling/freezing, indoor application
  • Outdoor Condensing Unit
    Outdoor Condensing Unit
    Assembly of compressor, condenser, fan motor, and controls for cooling/freezing, with outdoor controls
  • Top Mount Refrigeration
    Top Mount Refrigeration
    Self-contained drop in refrigeration system
  • Low Velocity Evaporator Coils
    Low Velocity Evaporator Coils
  • Windows

What People Are Saying

  • Milton Vallaire
    Great Coolers with great service. We have had a excellent relationship with Bush Refrigeration and would recommend them and their product.
  • Frank Gallo
    Bush Refrigeration is GREAT! From the sale to the delivery of the product, every step is made easy with Bush Refrigeration ! We've purchased walk in coolers and display coolers for all our stores !
  • Chris
    Redi Mart has purchased many pieces of equipment from Bush Refrigeration over the last 5 years from used grocery cases to new walk in coolers. We have been very satisfied with the entire process using.