Finance Your Commercial Refrigeration with Bush Refrigeration

Once you have decided on the refrigeration equipment that is best suited for your business, the next step is deciding how you will pay for that equipment. Equipment financing allows you to free up critical cash for other important expenditures. Whether the cost of the equipment is small or large, managing your business cash flow is an important consideration for business owners. Equipment financing allows you to make predetermined fixed monthly payments and helps establish or enhance your credit profile. Financing allows your refrigeration equipment to "earn its keep" by making manageable payments as your equipment helps drive revenue for your business.

  • Equivalent to 100% financing
  • Fixed monthly payments over the lease term (typically 12-60 months)
  • Maximize your working capital
  • Increased cash flow gives your business more flexibility
  • Own the equipment upon completion of the lease term
  • Tax advantages*

*Always consult your tax advisor as to any tax advantage that may be available with leasing.

After reading these benefits, if financing your equipment sounds attractive, please give us a call. We will have our equipment finance partner review the information submitted and based on your credit profile, will typically have an approval within 24 hours.

We have made the process, simple, quick and painless!

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Frequently Asked Questions when Financing Refrigeration Equipment:

Q: What is the interest rate in this finance agreement?
A: Equipment financing companies offer fixed rate financing for payments that remain the same throughout the term of the lease regardless of interest rate fluctuations.
Q: How long does it take to get approved?
A: Our equipment finance partner will typically have an approval within 24 hours from the time that the application is submitted.
Q: What should I do if I have problems with the equipment that I finance?
A: Most of the refrigeration equipment sold by Bush Refrigeration carry a warranty. Please give Bush Refrigeration a call with any issues you experience with your equipment.
Q: What are the tax benefits associated with financing?
A: As the lessee, you may be able to deduct the monthly finance payment as a business expense on your tax returns. You should seek specific advice from your accountant.