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What Type of Walk-In Cooler Door is Best For You?

What Type of Walk-In Cooler Door is Best For You?

When purchasing a new walk-in refrigerator or freezer there are many things to consider. Walk-ins can come in solid wall construction or have the option of glass display doors along the side. The type of walk-in you should choose depends upon what you will be using your walk-in refrigerator or freezer for.

Read these comparisons between glass and solid door construction and decide for yourself which one is best for your commercial refrigeration needs:


If you own a retail space where customers are regularly viewing products and removing products from the refrigerator or freezer a cooler with several glass doors may be the best choice for your establishment. Some commercial walk-in coolers with glass doors have over 20 display doors for customers to view the refrigerated products while they shop! Glass doors are essential if your business’ main attraction needs to be refrigerated or frozen. Walk-ins with display doors are perfect for bottle shops, convenience stores, and markets. Any business that intends to have a self serve or grab and go operation will greatly benefit from a walk-in with display doors. It is important to keep the view of your merchandise clear and free of condensation so choosing the right glass doors is vital. Heated glass may be necessary for your display walk-in. Bush refrigeration guarantees 100% clear visibility into your coolers when you purchase our products.


If your walk-in refrigerator or freezer is meant solely for storage and is primarily used by employees glass display doors probably aren’t necessary. Even though our glass door refrigerators and freezers are of the highest quality, they can’t achieve the same level of insulation that a solid wall walk-in cooler or freezer can. That being said, if customers won’t be coming in direct contact with your walk-in skipping the glass doors is advisable and can lower operating costs.

What type of walk-in you choose can be an easy decision if you consider the things above. At Bush Refrigeration, we are happy to help you evaluate your establishment’s needs and environment as you research and make a decision regarding your walk-in purchase.

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