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Understanding the R-Value of Your Walk-In

Understanding the R-Value of Your Walk-In

Whether you are trying to properly store flowers or restaurant inventory, insulation is always a crucial factor to getting the job done. Insulation helps maintain efficiency when it comes to how your walk-in cooler runs and operates. Insulation keeps both temperatures and utility costs low. Properly functioning insulation protects your inventory and helps extend the longevity of your walk-in unit components.

When you shop for a walk-in cooler you should consider what temperature your unit will usually bet set at. Temperature and insulation go hand and hand and lower temperatures may mean you need a different type of insulation. The quality of insulation is measured by its “R-value” (sometimes called R-factor). R-value is determined by a material’s resistance to heat flow. The type of foam used in insulation as well as the age of the foam itself can change R-value. The standard R-value in the walk-in industry is an R-value of 25. Different types of foam and thickness can increase insulation’s R-Value well beyond 25 so be sure to ask about this key metric when comparing walk-in units.

Your insulation’s R-value changes its ability to keep ambient heat out of your walk-in unit. If you have insulation with a high R-value, your walk-in doesn’t need to work as hard to keep cool – extending the life of your compressor and lowering costs of operation. Insulation’s R-value also changes over time. Published, “out of the box” R-value numbers can seem sufficient for your needs but after a few years the R-value of your insulation may drastically decrease. While shopping around be sure to find out the projected five year R-value of your potential purchase. Projected R-value is determined by your cooler or freezer's mean operating temperature.

R-value may seem like a technical specification but it can make a big difference in the efficiency and operation of your walk-in unit. Inquiring about these types of specifications allows you to get the best walk-in unit available for your business needs. Insulation is a behind the scenes component of your walk-in cooler but this doesn’t mean it should be ignored or forgotten.

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