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Three Floral Coolers That Enhance Flower Displays

Three Floral Coolers That Enhance Flower Displays

There are many types of commercial floral coolers to choose from when it comes to displays. Cooler features such as size, compressor location, and type of door should be considered when you are making a decision about what cooler is best for your business. Below we will go over the three main types of coolers and the different ways they can strengthen your floral displays while keeping your flowers fresh with high humidity and low velocity environments.

Standard Floral Coolers

Our standard commercial floral coolers come in top mounted or bottom mounted compressor options. These coolers are great for general use and when a business doesn’t have excess back stock and does not require much storage area. They take up less space than walk in coolers but display floral arrangements just as beautifully. Our Powers FS52SDHC Floral Cooler with Two Sliding Glass Doors is a medium sized bottom compressor general use floral cooler. This cooler, as well as many others, can be customized in order to add extra shelving or even glass end panels to allow for the best lighting and customer viewing of your arrangements.

Walk In Floral Coolers

Four Door Walk In Floral Display Cooler For SaleWalk in floral coolers provide a ton of extra space for storage. If you have the room in your establishment for a walk in cooler you can keep back stock close at hand in your rear walk in area. These coolers are great for businesses that create a lot of custom floral pieces that do not need to be displayed on store shelves but do need to be properly refrigerated. Our Four Door Floral Display Cooler with Rear Walk In Storage is a sleek and efficient option for your walk in cooler needs. This cooler comes in a variety of exterior colors as well as door frame finishes to match the look and feel of your business.


Bush Refrigeration is happy to help you evaluate your business environment and storage needs in order to determine what floral display cooler is best for you. There are several different types of floral coolers for sale under each category and many come in various sizes to fit specific dimensions.

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