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The Lowdown on Beer Towers: From Ice Cobra to Metropolis "T"

The Lowdown on Beer Towers: From Ice Cobra to Metropolis

In today’s world, beer towers have evolved to serve both form and function. They no longer only dispense beer but they also serve as a marketing tool as well as aesthetic feature of your bar or restaurant. Bush Refrigeration offers several different models of beer towers and below we will guide you through your options so you can decide which beer tower is best for you. All of the models below include or are made for either glycol cooled systems or air cooled systems.

These models also contain stainless steel interior components to ensure that your beer tastes great straight from the first pour:


The curvy yet sleek Sexy Two Faucet Draft Beer Tower comes in a gold or chrome finish. It is also available in a frost-free exterior or an ice-frosted exterior. You can order this beer tower with illuminated medallions for the beer brand logo attached to showcase which beers you serve. This beer tower is great for a bar or restaurant that embraces a modern yet simple design.


The sculpted and dramatic Ice Cobra Draft Beer Tower features European faucets and the option of an alluring ice-frosted exterior. This tower comes with either two or three faucets depending on the size you need for your establishment. You can also add on illuminated beer logo medallions to the Ice Cobra model in order to draw in even more customers.


The art deco Metropolis “T” Draft Beer Tower features Kool-Rite technology to ensure that your beer is served at its best quality. This beer tower comes in six, eight, or ten faucet options and is available in either a stainless steel or tarnish free PVD brass finish. This beer tower may look sleek and polished but it is extremely durable and will offer years of service.


The Mini Mushroom Rototap Draft Beer Tower comes in both three and four faucet designs to fit however many beers you’d like to offer at your bar or restaurant. These towers are available in stainless steel or a beautiful PVD brass finish and takes up less space than traditional mushroom dispensers due to its compact design. The Mini Mushroom features a distinctive yet simple design to integrate into the look and feel of any bar environment.

With different models, sizes, finishes, and exterior options there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a beer tower for your business. Bush Refrigeration is more than happy to help guide you in your decision.

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