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The Difference Between Dry and Refrigerated Bakery Cases

The Difference Between Dry and Refrigerated Bakery Cases

When it comes to deciding whether your business needs a refrigerated bakery case or a dry bakery case it really depends on the products you want to offer. Many bakeries, diners, and restaurants utilize both types of bakery cases but it is important to differentiate what merchandise goes in which case.

Let's discuss each type of case as well as feature a specific case from each category that Bush Refrigeration offers:


Dry bakery cases are meant for baked goods that do not require refrigeration in order to remain fresh. Items such as donuts, cookies, bagels, muffins, and croissants do not require constant refrigeration to stay tasty and appealing to customers. Even some pies, cakes, and cupcakes don’t need to be refrigerated. Consider what type of frosting and ingredients are in your products when deciding if they need to be refrigerated or not.


Tor-Rey (TEM200 PLUS) 74" Wide Bakery Merchandiser


Refrigerated bakery cases are ideal for items that are more perishable. These items include mousse cake, cheesecakes, fruit pies, meringues, butter cream cakes, and whipped cream desserts. Any item that is usually served chilled will also benefit from being stored in a refrigerated case.

Both types of cases display baked goods with attractive shelving and often have customizable outside finish options. Many bakery cases on the market feature the ability to access merchandise from both the front and the back, offering an added convenience for customers and employees alike. Whether you offer your customers cheesecakes or fruit pies Bush Refrigeration is happy to guide you in the right direction when it comes to your bakery case needs.

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