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The Best Placement for Open Refrigerated Display Cases

The Best Placement for Open Refrigerated Display Cases

While laying out the overall design, one of the most important considerations to take into account is the placement of open case refrigeration units for restaurant, hotel shop, convenience store, or supermarket refrigeration units will be placed is one of the most important things to consider. These cases cannot be placed just anywhere. In fact, careful planning to create an uncluttered look while getting optimum performance from the unit is critical. Before placing an open refrigeration display unit simply where it fits, these additional steps should be taken for the perfect placement.

Since open merchandiser units do not have glass enclosures like some types of refrigeration units, keeping the temperature inside at the proper level for food safety is crucial. This is why an open case should never be placed directly underneath or beside a heating and cooling vent. Cold and warm air can have a negative effect on these cases, resulting in food that is not the proper temperature, spoiled food that results in lost revenue, and an increased energy bill if the unit has to struggle to maintain the proper temperature. Commercial refrigeration units should always be placed away from any open vents that can lead to extreme temperature changes.

It is very common for open case refrigeration units to have a self-contained compressor. This simply means that the compressor is housed somewhere within the unit. This important part of the system is used to make air cool. The cool air is then released into the refrigerator while removing hot air. Because this hot air needs somewhere to go, these units are outfitted with an air exhaust vent. This vent should never be blocked, so commercial refrigeration units should never be placed against walls if the vent is located in the back or directly against other coolers or equipment if it vents from the side. Blocking this vent results in improper temperature regulation, higher utility bills, and premature failure of the compressor.

Units should also be kept away from any type of heating appliance or equipment. For example, a cooler should never be placed beside an oven, heating cabinet, or anything else that gives off excess heat that may result in improper cooling. Read our previous post for more tips on keeping your commercial refrigerator or freezer energy efficient.

Finally, appeal to customers should be considered when placing an open and refrigerated display case or merchandiser. Placing single-serve canned or bottled beverages in a cooler in the back of a larger store can lead to customer frustration. Instead, units containing items that will be enjoyed by the customer in the store or immediately upon leaving should be placed in a convenient area that is well-lit and noticeable, preferably close to the front of the store where it will be spotted immediately.

Because these cases have an open design, special care should be taken when placing them in a store or business. It is important to keep them in a convenient area that the customer can easily access, while keeping it away from any type of equipment that can alter the temperature of the contents.

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