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So You Want to Buy a Long Door Walk In Display Cooler

So You Want to Buy a Long Door Walk In Display Cooler

There are several factors to consider when deciding on what type of walk in cooler to buy. Before you purchase or install a long door walk in display cooler, you’ll want to understand what each one offers. These types of commercial coolers are essential to a thriving business. Before you purchase it's important to understand how these coolers can increase your marketable space and allow for proper refrigeration. Let’s explore how the design of a long door walk in display cooler plays an integral role for your inventory.

Walk in display coolers are made up of three components: the glass door, the refrigerator system, and the panels. Each of these parts plays a significant role when refrigerated products are in an environment where even the simple act of opening the door can create a shift in temperature.

The Glass Door:

Glass doors suitable for walk in coolers typically come designed in two different ways. The first type is a heated frame, which will produce condensation on the glass as the door is continually opened. The second, a heated frame and glass, stops condensation from occurring. Glass doors can be as large as 30 inches wide and 80 inches in height. The standard walk in cooler comes with 7 adjustable shelves per door.

The Refrigeration System:

In an effort to reduce costs, refrigerator systems come pre-assembled. These large systems boast a powerful compressor that is almost always placed outside of the building. The compressor for this type of unit can become quite warm. As the unit attempts to cool down, the compressor will more frequently produce noise. It is imperative that the compressor is installed in a place on your property where it can cool down with ease. If the compressor is stored inside, proper exhaust ventilation is necessary.

The Panels:

Panels are usually built to order and designed to fit your space. A good first step to considering a walk in display cooler is to map out the space where the cooler will eventually be installed. Take masking tape and outline the area by placing the tape onto the floor. Marking the floor will help you visualize the space you’ll be using, as well as provide you with an idea of compressor placement.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when purchasing a long door walk in display cooler. With the proper guidance, your store can have everything it needs to showcase your products and provide convenient access for all of your customers. Consider each step in the purchasing process for efficient and affordable unit selection.

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