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Self-Contained Refrigeration or Remote Refrigeration

Most commercial refrigeration units offer a choice between remote or self-contained units. These two systems vary significantly when it comes to aesthetics, location and fitting the needs of your store. Each type of unit offers a list of pros and cons that should be considered when looking at purchasing new equipment. Let’s get started with some specifications.

Self-contained Refrigeration

Self-contained refrigeration can be used in almost any environment. It offers a simplistic plug in and run operation that requires little to no technical setup. These types of products offer fewer burdens to the consumer as well as the manufacturer as they have fewer service calls, minimal setup and often require little maintenance.


  • One purchase of a unit - all in one
  • All-in-one units are more accessible
  • Simple setup and installation
  • No external condensing unit


  • Can cause a significant increase in temperature in the room it is
  • Less interior space as all parts of the unit are self-contained
  • Nosier than other units
  • Requires proper ventilation space

Remote Refrigeration

A remote refrigeration system is made up of a fully insulated cold storage unit that has built in evaporators. However, the condenser and compressor are located in an entirely separate unit. These two are connected by an extensive framework that transports coolant between the two units. Remote units often have the condenser and compressor installed outside the building; however, specific interior rooms can be used there is some thought that remote units can be strung together and use one compressor and condenser to manage all the units together. However, this is simply not the case. It is imperative that each unit has its own system to provide the most efficient and effective refrigeration.


  • Allows for hottest parts of the unit to be placed in a more conducive area
  • Reduced noise
  • Unit is cooler overall as not all components are located inside units
  • Increased efficiency


  • Has the possibility to use more energy based on size of a unit
  • Require proper installation of all parts
  • More extensive to service
  • Difficult to relocate

As you can see there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a self-contained or remote refrigeration unit. If you need help choosing the right commercial refrigerator unit for your store front or restaurant, let the team at Bush Refrigeration walk you through the aspects of both units and discover what is right for you.

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