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Reasons Beer Caves Are Great for Business

Businesses are using beer caves to stock and cool a variety of drinks that can withstand cooler temperatures for a longer duration. As a business owner, it’s important to understand how you can cater to all of your customers with a specifically designed cooling area.

Whether you’re remodeling or building a new store, you can immediately increase your space by installing a beer cave for your alcoholic beverages. The popular beer cave is essential for any store owner who wants to increase the volume of cold beverages available.

Beer caves are walk-in coolers that differ from other commercial coolers in one way. The design boasts either a separate walk-in area or one with an attached ten door glass cooler. When a customer enters, bulk beer, kegs, and other drink products stored inside greet them. Large glass doors give visibility inside the beer cave and allow your customers immediate access to their needs. They also reduce restocking time for your staff.

Before you install a beer cave in your liquor or convenience store, there are a few things to understand about how they work, and why placement matters:

1.    Beer doesn’t freeze. In addition, you can store more than just beer in your cave. Coolers work well at 34-35 degrees, while 36-38 is even more widespread. Attempting to run your cooler at a temperature lower than this range is likely to freeze the coils found on the inside of your unit.

2.    Installation and proper placement of the cooler and coil are essential. If you’re looking to run your cooler at a lower temperature, you may need to consider the best place to install your evaporator coil. Once the beer cave hits 32-33 degrees, the heater will kick on and warm the coil in order to allow the temperature to drop even further.

3.    The size of your coil and compressor is critical. These two items will help you regulate your beer cave to the optimal temperature for your store.

4.    The walk-in beer cave can be designed to give you extensive beverage access by attaching the cave to a walk-in cooler. Divided by a partition wall that separates the two; this offers you two independent but attached coolers.

Beer Cave storage has become a popular trend in convenience and liquor store refrigeration. As the trend continues on an upward swing, more stores are finding that individuals from all walks of life can appreciate a beer cave. As a store owner, think about how you want your cooler designed and know that Bush Refrigeration has years of experience creating beer caves that suit the needs of all of their customers.

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