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Keeping Your Commercial Walk-In Cooler or Freezer Sealed

Keeping Your Commercial Walk-In Cooler or Freezer Sealed

The door of your walk-in cooler or freezer may be the most used element of your entire unit.  If you own a walk-in cooler you already know that people open and close walk-in cooler doors repeatedly throughout the day anytime they need to access inventory inside. Latches and hinges take the brunt of this wear and tear since they are the components that actually allow your cooler door to open, close, and lock. Damaged, loose, or inefficient latches and hinges can cause additional damage to wall panels and doors. Faulty latches and hinges can even cause temperature fluctuation problems within the walk-in cooler which could lead to further complications such as ice build up, higher energy costs, and more.

Here are two components to a walk-in cooler or freezer that can mean the difference between a good seal and a poor seal:


A broken cooler door latch means your walk-in cooler is most likely no longer sealing properly. Without a proper seal, cold air can escape from and warm air can seep into your walk-in cooler. As your walk-in struggles to maintain temperature without a proper seal, energy bills can sky rocket. Walk-in latches are mechanical and, because of this, naturally wear over time. Keeping your latches clean will help them last longer. In addition, training employees to treat doors and door components with care will help avoid extra damage caused by rough handling.


Similar to latches, hinges are an important part of keeping your walk-in cooler sustainable and working efficiently. Walk-in hinges often come in self-closing or spring assisted varieties. These options ensure that doors aren’t accidently left open and seal properly after closing. Hinges should be regularly lubricated so that they continue to open and close in a smooth manner. Hinges may also periodically need to be tightened and aligned if you determine they are loose after the occasional inspection. In addition, if you purchase new hinges, they can sometimes be reversed if necessary by removing the pin from the strap and inserting it in the opposite end of your hinge.

Latches and hinges are small, unassuming components of your walk-in that are easy to overlook in day-to-day operations. Latches and hinges often go unnoticed until they stop working properly and need to be repaired. Avoid scrambling to fix faulty latches and hinges with emergency repairs by regularly inspecting and maintaining your walk-in cooler or freezer doors and door components.

At Bush Refrigeration, our custom-built, commercial walk-in coolers are fitted with the best hardware available. If you have questions about our walk-in cooler or freezer hinge and latch options please reach out to us today.

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