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How to Find Your Perfect Commercial Ice Machine Match

How to Find Your Perfect Commercial Ice Machine Match

If you are in the market for a new commercial ice machine, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding on which appliance to purchase.

The answers to these questions will influence which commercial ice machine is best for you and your establishment:


  1. What type of ice do you prefer?

There are several different types of ice – half cube, full cube, gourmet, nugget, and flake. Each of these types is best suited for different applications.

Half cube:  inexpensive to make, melts slow, great for blended drinks, self serve soda machines, and ice coffee.

Full cube: inexpensive to make, melts slow, great for cocktails, salad bars, and bulk ice.

Gourmet: larger, melts slow, visually appealing, great for mixologists, events, and top shelf alcohol.

Nugget: melts quickly, chewable texture, great for dough at bakeries, blended cocktails, ice wraps and therapeutic use.

Flake: melts quickly, does not bruise food, can be shaped, great for food displays, blended drinks, cooling dough, transporting perishable items, ice wraps and therapeutic use.


  1. How big do you want your ice machine to be?

It is important that your ice machine fits into a convenient spot and is not too large or too small for your business’ needs.  You want to be certain that your ice machine will be able to supply enough ice for your day-to-day operations. The production abilities of most commercial ice machines  are described by how many pounds of ice they can produce in a 24-hour period.


  1. Do you want an air-cooled or water-cooled condenser?

The condenser of a commercial ice machine is an essential component when considering what type is best for your business.

Air-cooled condensers save on water costs but can sometimes be louder than water-cooled condensers. In addition, air-cooled condensers need airflow to be able to leave the ice machine from the back, sides, and top. Air filters and vents must be cleaned regularly on these machines to keep them running properly.

Water-cooled condensers are not affected by the air temperature in their environment (such as a kitchen producing excessive amounts of heat). These condensers don’t have fans so they tend to run more quietly than an air-cooled condenser would. These types of ice machines do need a separate water line run to them and they also use hundreds of gallons of water each day so utility costs are something to consider.


At Bush Refrigeration, we are happy to work through the questions above with you in order to aid you in your search for a new ice machine. Considering what type of business you have and how much ice you need on a daily basis often provides information towards answering the questions above. Take a few minutes to browse the available commercial ice machines for sale at Bush Refrigeration.

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