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Four Tips to Make Sense of Commercial Refrigeration Pricing on the Web

Four Tips to Make Sense of Commercial Refrigeration Pricing on the Web

Online shopping has grown in recent years because of its convenience, so it’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs are buying their equipment, including commercial refrigeration units, online. Hoteliers and, restaurateurs, as well as and convenience store and supermarket owners all have turned to the Web to find great deals on essential equipment for their businesses. However, shopping on the Internet isn’t so cut and dry.  Consumers can often become overwhelmed with the number of options coupled with pricing discrepancies. Before purchasing commercial refrigeration equipment online such as a commercial glass door refrigerator or a floral display cooler, entrepreneurs and managers should heed these four tips to ensure the right unit is purchased at the right price.

Comparison Shop

Once a great unit is found, it’s a good idea to comparison shop with other online retailers. While the shop may show a largely discounted price, it’s important to remember that some e-commerce retailers may inflate retail prices in order to appeal to consumers. Knowing the average retail price and shopping around with multiple online shops is an easy way to find the best price for a quality product.

Compare the Same Specs

When comparison shopping, it’s important to make sure the products that are being compared are actually the same. While some units may look exactly alike, they may have different interior sizes, energy-efficiency ratings, or unique features. Use the model number and compare with a number of different retailers. For replacement products, write down all of the specs, model number, manufacturer, and other relevant information. With this info you can find the a truly comparable product online to choose from.

Factor in the Extras

Another important thing to remember about pricing is that shipping charges may vary dramatically, even by hundreds of dollars. This is why it’s always necessary to calculate any shipping, handling, and other surcharges into the total price. A refrigeration unit may be $200 cheaper than the same unit on another site, however, the shipping may be several hundred dollars more. If the unit is needed immediately, only retailers who have expedited shipping should be considered while comparison shopping.

Utilize Vendor Sales Support Teams

Finally, it’s always important to remember that help is available while making commercial refrigeration purchases. Online sales reps are available by email, phone, and even in a live online chat to guide a shopper through the purchasing process. The help they offer may include recommending top-selling items, explaining differences between two very similar models, and discussing shipping charges and delivery times. These online shops want to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied and continues business well into the future, so they are always available to provide expert advice.

Buying a new commercial refrigeration unit can be a smooth process and business owners should be comfortable in making a serious commitment to finding the right unit online. Follow the above tips and finding a great deal for commercial refrigeration equipment online will be a snap!

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