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Floral Coolers - The Art of Balancing Humidity, Temperature, and Display

Floral Coolers - The Art of Balancing Humidity, Temperature, and Display

Floral coolers are an essential part of the flower industry for their ability to keep flowers fresh for a longer period than traditional commercial refrigerators.

As the flower is exposed to more room temperature air it, will begin to lose its freshness, and start to wilt and turn color. The floral industry has grown exponentially as more and more nontraditional stores add flowers to their product lines. Today we see floral coolers at the grocery store, hospital, and even the airport. Here are a few reasons why a proper floral cooler is imperative to the health and longevity of your flowers.


Floral coolers are designed to provide flowers with a high percentage of humidity; typically 80-95%. This influx of moisture keeps your flowers free from dehydration damage. Humidity is an integral part of a lasting arrangement. As a florist, you may consider the delicate balance each flower requires when you start shopping for a floral cooler. There may be variations in the percentage of humidity when different flowers are stored in the cooler. Keep like flowers together before they are arranged to help extend the life of your final arrangement.


Temperature is a significant consideration when working with flowers. Just as with humidity, temperature will vary based on the type of flowers you are storing. Extreme cold is not always best and can cause your flowers to be exposed to chill damage faster than if exposed to room temperature air. Floral coolers are designed to circulate air gently, so damage and wilt are minimal. The influx of air is regulated and consistent as to not damage the integrity of your flowers.


Floral coolers are designed with shelving that can be moved and resized easily. A variety of shelving options can prove helpful when trying to accommodate large flower arrangements or buckets of flowers.

While some believe that beverage coolers can be converted into a floral cooler, these conversions are often more costly than purchasing a new cooler designed specifically for flower storage. The acquisition of proper storage equipment is essential to your success as a florist. Buying a cooler that completely incorporates humidity, temperature, and display will help you exhibit an array of exceptional flowers that are fresh and more importantly extends the life of your flowers.

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