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Determining The Right Size Cooling Equipment for Your Restaurant

Determining The Right Size Cooling Equipment for Your Restaurant

In the restaurant industry, one of the most important pieces of equipment, that any restaurant owner will have, is a commercial refrigeration unit. A commercial refrigeration unit is an absolute necessity for cold storage, allowing food and drink to be properly stored before it is consumed. When shopping for a commercial refrigeration unit, the possibilities may seem endless, but with careful planning, it isn’t difficult to find the perfect unit for your restaurant’s needs.

If you are considering a custom refrigeration unit, the first step is determining the right size for your restaurant. When doing so, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to ensure you have enough space for all your food and beverages, keep your kitchen area uncluttered, and get a unit that is the right fit for your space and your budget.

Before purchasing a commercial unit, the first thing you need to determine is how the unit will be used. Do you need a deep freezer to keep frozen items at the proper temperature? Do you need a walk-in cooler that is used to keep fruits, vegetables, and meat cool and at a safe temperature until it’s ready for preparation? Perhaps you need a smaller glass cooler to store beverages for your customer. Once you’ve determined the type of refrigeration unit you need, you will have a better idea of the space that is required.

If you’re purchasing a larger unit, find a space in your kitchen or another area of your restaurant that is both convenient for you and your employees, but that does not create clutter. Mark off the extra space that you have to simulate where your unit would sit. Walk inside of the space to determine if there is enough room to maneuver, as well as enough storage space for your refrigerated or frozen items.

Another thing to consider when planning on purchasing a commercial refrigeration unit is whether the unit will be able to grow and move with your restaurant. If you relocate your restaurant, will the unit be able to move smoothly with you? If you need to move it to another location in your current space, will it be easy and do you have the space?

Once you have a plan that includes the type of unit you need, the approximate size of the unit, and where you will be placing the unit, it’s time to consider purchasing. Custom-built systems are an excellent option, as they can include all of the necessary features, can be built to fit any space perfectly, and in many cases, are not more expensive than prefabricated models. This provides you with a custom cooling space that is personalized for your restaurant yet stays within your business’ budget.

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