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Converting a Walk-In Cooler into a Display Cooler

Converting a Walk-In Cooler into a Display Cooler

March of 2015 proved to be a significant month for the beer distributors on the heels of the March 6th announcement that PLCB has now authorized the sale of 12pack, 15 pack, and 18 pack beer in local stores. But it’s not just an announcement that affects the beer industry alone. It also has a significant on the commercial refrigeration industry. Why? Because large quantity beer is typically stored in a walk-in cooler, while smaller quantity, such as the packs named above can now be sold via a display cooler.

However, what do you do when you’ve got a store that only has a walk-in cooler to access your products? One of the most economical ways to have both a walk-in and display cooler is to assess if your current cooler can be converted. Before you take the plunge you’ll need to consider a few things. Here’s where to start.


Doors for display coolers are most efficient when you consider 3 doors at 30 inches in width and 10 feet in height. The opening should be cut right above the door frame for the conversion to be the most effective. Bush Refrigeration offers a variety of doors which include silver, gold, and black frame and have hinges to match. Typical order time is 3 weeks and doors can be made to open from either direction.


When you need to properly display a variety of product sizes. Shelving is typically 27 inches wide and between 3 and 6 feet deep. Deep shelving allows for significant product storage that is easily accessible by your customers.


Lighting is also an important factor when considering converting your walk-in cooler to a display cooler. Lighting is available in T8 output or LED lights. Both provide you with effective and essential lighting that does not contribute to temperature increases in your cooler. You also have an option of ordering doors and shelves that can be outfitted with lights.

Heated glass

Heated glass can make a difference for condensation on the glass. This can have a direct effect on the display of your products and how your customers access our products.

While all the above considerations are important, your first step should be an audit of your current coolers. A simple audit will allow you to understand your options when it comes to converting a walk-in cooler to a display cooler.

Confused on where to start? Bush Refrigeration can walk you through the process, helping you to determine the best course of action of your store. Contact us today for some help!

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