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Compare Heated Glass vs Heated Frame in Commercial Refrigerators

Compare Heated Glass vs Heated Frame in Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigeration is an essential part of many different types of business locations. Smooth operation of your store depends on a variety of things, especially if you are in the business of food retail. Understanding the best way to cool your food allows you to keep your products fresh for an extended period of time. This tends to be the cornerstone of any food business. In addition, having a plan for proper refrigeration in your specific environment is essential.

One obstacle you may have noticed when accessing refrigerated display cases is condensation build-up. Condensation occurs when heat escapes into a cooler environment. These are most often the cases in stores when customers open a display case door for an extended period of time. When the door closes, condensation begins to build-up obscuring the view. Having access to cold foods is great, but being able to see what your choices are is imperative. A major decision when it comes to glass display commercial refrigerators is the choice between heated glass and heated frames. Let’s look at some specifics:

Heated Glass:

Heated glass display cases can be invaluable to any business owner because they allow for the display of foods without the buildup of condensation. Heated glass is recommended for areas with high humidity. This includes warm environments, and placement such as a drive through where the glass is exposed to the elements. Heated glass eliminates sweating of the display case glass, allowing your customers to always have visual access to your products.

Heated Frames:

Heated frames come standard in almost all refrigerated display cases. Just the same as heated glass, heated frames break down the buildup of condensation before it begins. However, heated frames can be used a bit more universally. In cooler environments with lower humidity, heated frame display cases work soundly. Although the frame of the unit is heated, it does not cause a significant increase in energy to counteract the heat of the frame.

It’s important to understand your environment before you purchase a commercial refrigerated display case. While the buildup of condensation doesn’t seem like too much trouble, it can have serious effects on your energy efficiency, the proper storage of your items and the visual aesthetics of your display case. For the answers to more questions on heated frames versus heated glass display cases, contact the team at Bush Refrigeration. We can help walk you through what is essential for your store!

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