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Commercial Refrigerator/Freezer Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Refrigerator/Freezer Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a new commercial refrigerator or freezer can lead to a whirlwind of questions about the process of purchasing and installing your new unit. Below we will cover some common questions about our refrigeration systems as well as how the process of purchasing from Bush Refrigeration works.

How long does it take to get my walk-in cooler?

We have a reputation for fast dispatch and delivery. If a unit is in stock, we can deliver within days. If you order a custom walk-in cooler it takes a little longer but we still guarantee fast delivery.

Does Bush refrigeration have payment plans?

We offer commercial refrigerator and freezer leases that require fixed monthly payments from the length of 12 to 60 months. After the completion of your lease period you fully own your unit. You can fill out your financial application today and see if you qualify to get a lease for your walk-in unit.

Does Bush Refrigeration offer clearance items?

We have an entire department of clearance scratch and dent items that are discounted. This inventory changes often so check back frequently to see if the product you are interested in is listed there.

Does Bush Refrigeration install their products?

Our equipment is installed by preferred installers in out of state transactions. The installers are not subcontractors or agents of Bush Refrigeration.

Do walk-in cooler come in any size?

We have predetermined sizes for many in stock units. If you have a custom size that you are working with please contact us to discuss having a custom walk-in cooler created for you.

Does my walk-in cooler or freezer need a floor?

Walk-in coolers do best installed on a level concrete floor. If your walk-in is installed on a wooden floor you must install an insulated floor along with it. Some health department require specific finishes for your walk-in’s flooring so it is best to check with local health codes before installation.

Can I build my own walk-in cooler or freezer?

It may seem like a good way to save money by not having to pay for labor but we do not recommend building your own walk-in. It is not easy to install a walk-in if you have never done it before and you may not install it up to your local health departments required codes. Save yourself the trouble and have a professional install your walk-in.

If you have any walk-in cooler questions that we haven’t covered above please send them in and we will be happy to cover them in our next FAQ post.

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