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Commercial Freezer 101 - Understanding Your Options

Your business needs a commercial freezer. You’re not exactly sure what you need, but with a little research, narrowing down your options should be relatively straightforward. Commercial freezers can have a significant impact on your business. Commercial kitchens, grocery stores, and other related food businesses all require reliable cold storage. Whether you choose a reach-in or walk-in freezer, there are ways to meet all the individual needs of your business.

You may assume that there is only one basic design for a commercial freezer; however that simply isn’t the case. There is a range of customizable options that can be used in any commercial kitchen or store. The goal is to build the right freezer to fit the specifications and measurements of your space without compromising the efficiency of the unit.

Let’s take a look at two common commercial freezers.


Reach-in freezers are designed with 1 to 3 doors and no additional storage behind the unit. These freezers are self-contained and can store food at 0°. Budget-friendly and efficient, reach-in freezers are perfect for store owners who require just enough food storage for everyday needs. Reach-in freezers are a sound investment for grocery stores that store frozen foods without significant back stock.


Walk-in freezers can be seen in just about every store or restaurant and undoubtedly give you the best bang for your buck. Ideal for large operations, walk-in freezers, are essential for businesses like restaurants whose commercial kitchens store a large quantity of food. Walk-in freezers also have the versatility of being installed outdoors, but still flush against the building, giving you access to the freezer through a doorway.

When making decisions about commercial freezers it’s important to remember a few key tips that will make the processes easier. Positioning is integral to your store or kitchen layout. Every freezer gives off a bit of heat from the compressor. The larger the compressor, the more heat, and noise. First-time buyers should be conscious of the placement of the freezers before purchasing. That’s where we can help.

At Bush Refrigeration, we offer clients the ability to build their freezers to suit the needs of their business. Each piece of equipment is measured and designed precisely to your specifications. We start with the planning process and gather information about the size and logistics of your space. Together, we’ll determine the area in your kitchen that will be the most efficient for the equipment to the placed.

When choosing a commercial freezer it is essential to purchase a unit that is large enough for your needs, but also fits the general food preparation area with ease.

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