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Choosing the Right Commercial Refrigeration Mechanic

Choosing the Right Commercial Refrigeration Mechanic

Even the most advanced commercial refrigeration equipment encounters problems after years of use. With proper care, parts may still require replacement or upgrade. In addition, maintenance needs to be performed to ensure a commercial refrigerator cools as it should, maintains its efficiency, and doesn’t have premature failure of expensive parts. If a unit isn’t working the way it was intended, it’s time to call in a refrigeration mechanic. Since commercial refrigeration units can require extensive and complicated repairs, it is important to choose a mechanic that is ready to tackle any problem. Before picking up the phone, utilize these tips to find the best person for the job.

Anyone who works on a commercial refrigerator should be licensed and hold the proper certifications for the job. Certification ensures that the mechanic has had the proper training needed to perform the most difficult repairs. A license is required for commercial work within the state. Working with an unlicensed refrigerator mechanic may result in further damage and expenses, including full replacement costs. The mechanic should also have insurance (and have proof readily available) to protect himself, as well as your property, while working in case of an accident.

It’s also important to hire someone who has experience working specifically with commercial refrigeration equipment. It is perfectly acceptable to ask for references that you can call or e-mail to learn more about the mechanic’s experience. Testimonials, whether written through letters or posted online, should also be made available in order to prove competence. While working with someone new isn’t always a bad thing, it’s a good idea to choose someone who has repaired and maintained a variety of units. An experienced mechanic will have worked with units of different sizes, from various manufacturers. In addition, units often have different problems and a mechanic should be confident whether it’s replacing a compressor or simply performing routine maintenance.

Another way to gauge a mechanic’s level of experience is researching how long the individual or company has been in business. If a mechanic has been providing service for many years, it is one indicator of a successful business. The longer a mechanic has been working professionally, the more references and testimonials he will have from satisfied customers.

When it comes to expensive commercial refrigerators, hiring a mechanic based solely on rates, availability, or other unimportant criteria can be a gamble that can cost much more in the long run. By doing research and hiring a reputable commercial refrigerator mechanic, equipment can be restored to like-new condition without the worry of expensive replacements or further problems that can cost a fortune to remedy.

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