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Bakery Cases to Preserve Baked Goods

Bakery Cases to Preserve Baked Goods

So now that you've decided to open your own bakery shop we need to address the type of bakery display cases that you'll need. As you can imagine, bakery cases come in a wide variety of types and sizes. What we will review in this article is the proper case to compliment the type of baked goods you produce. Do you need a "dry" bakery case? This a non-refrigerated case made for baked good that do not need any refrigeration. Today we will be discussing refrigerated bakery cases and their applications.

The importance of taking the time to do you research before making a hasty decision cannot be over emphasized. What good is a case that does not either display or preserve your hard work, your inventory, your money! As the saying goes "people eat with their eyes" the type of bakery case you invest in must not only be the correct holding temperature for your baked goods, it also has to look good in it. In today's highly competitive food industry, customers are expecting not only top quality and variety in your menu; it must be ascetically pleasing as well. Along with that thought we should spend a few minutes on your cases cleanliness. Would you eat from a dirty plate? Or drink from a dirty water glass? Certainly not. So your bakery cases always must be kept spotless.

Not only must the product look and taste exceptional, it must be displayed in a way that will make people want to buy it. Seems simple yes! However again you should take the necessary time to research the best way to merchandise your refrigerated baked goods. The need for refrigeration comes into play when your product contains any fresh dairy ingredients like whipped cream, custard or fruit toppings.

These items need to be stored at a specific temperature range to preserve the quality and taste. As the cost of these types of goods is high, the correct choice will save you thousands in the long run. A refrigerated bakery case is controlled by a thermostat. So the need to continually check your bakery cases is not necessary. However it is a good idea to keep a thermometer in your case as a precaution. In addition many units also will control the amount of moisture in the case. Better quality cases will have what is called a "condensate pan" that eliminates the need for a drain.
Selling & Merchandising Baked Goods in a Bakery Case
Now that you know you'll need some refrigerated bakery cases based on your menu selection. We will spend a few moments on selling, or merchandizing your goods. You can make a first class product, have it poorly displayed and wind up losing money. Don't spend a fortune in the kitchen and forget to budget in the front of your store. Your thought process should be making the best use of your space for selling your goods. A few good questions; how much space have you set aside for your refrigerated bakery cases? Do you want straight or curved glass? Tall case, or chest high. This is when a few site visits to local shops will help you decide. Also, a consultation with at least three professionals will help you come to an educated decision. Make sure your bakery case comes with a warranty, and determine how it will be maintained should something go wrong. A refrigerated bakery case that stops working for any length of time can be very costly.

The bottom line is you should invest as much time putting together your menu as planning the layout and type of refrigerated bakery case you will need to sell the maximum amount of product. Don't leave this important step out of your business plan.

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