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Are Energy Efficient Appliances Really Worth Buying?

We rely on electricity to power the major appliances in our commercial businesses. As more and more electricity is consumed, the demand for energy results in an increase in cost. Over the last several years, manufacturers have seen requirements of commercial appliances tighten to stay in line with the minimum federal energy efficiency standards. While most of these changes are good for our pockets and our environment, one must ask “Are energy efficient appliances really worth it?”

With the increased cost of energy and environmental concerns looming, business owners are looking toward a combined effort of conserving more energy while reducing overhead costs. That's where the U.S. Department of Energy comes in. This government regulated entity was instrumental in the development of the Energy Star Label. This label is a guide that makes it easier for business to shop for energy efficient products that allow you to formulate a comparison of energy consumption and operating costs for a variety of models.

Long-term savings

When looking at energy efficient appliances such as the Fogel 28 1/4" Wide ECO Series Cooler, it is best to think long term. While the initial cost of the appliance may seem high, it is important to factor in the amount you’ll save in the long run. Expect to hold onto these appliances for 10 to 20 years. A more efficient appliance will pay for itself over time, by immediately lowering your monthly bills. When all is said and done, the offset of savings is far superior to the initial cost of the unit.

Reduced energy costs

Energy efficient refrigeration products are great for reducing energy costs, even for appliances that continually run. Today’s major commercial devices do not demand energy in the manner they used to. Appliances today use anywhere from 10-50% less energy than appliances and models produced just 10 years ago. This reduction results in a decrease in demand, and essentially helps to lower the cost of energy.

Environmentally friendly

Energy efficient appliances are not just good for your wallet; lowering the demand on our nation’s power plants means less pollution. Not widely known, the effect energy efficient appliances have on our environment included a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and reliance on dwindling fossil fuels and foreign oil.

More convenient

As more and more energy efficient commercial appliances are added to businesses, owners see the effects in their overhead costs. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to convenience is that energy efficient appliances often work with your needs, rather than against them. Take refrigeration for example. Energy efficient refrigerators use less energy to produce cooler temperatures, faster. This gives you the advantage to keep your foods fresher for a longer period.

Incentive programs

As part of an effort to encourage consumers to purchase more energy efficient products, Energy Star partners offer incentive rebates. This program provides information on how to determine if your local utility company or other energy efficient program sponsors are providing rebates in your area. Commercial food service equipment is also part of this inventive program. Visit Energy Star for more details.

Whether energy efficient appliances are right for you will be determined by their practical nature and impact on your business. However, possibly the biggest factor to consider is the initial cost vs. overall savings. For more information read our previous blog post on the benefits of Energy-Star rated refrigeration equipment.

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