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Accessories for Ice Machines: From Scoops to Storage Bins

Accessories for Ice Machines: From Scoops to Storage Bins

Once you settle on the commercial ice machine that is best for your business it’s time to consider what accessories you can purchase to go along with your machine. Different accessories can enhance the functionality of your appliance and make every day operations flow more smoothly.

Check out these various accessories to see how you can complement your commercial ice machine:

Simple ice machine accessories such as ice scoops, ice totes, and ice carts may seem trivial but provide an added convenience. They also help to ensure that ice does not become contaminated as it makes its way to the customer. Other accessories such as water filters and storage bins serve as important additions for your existing ice machine and are often a worthwhile investment.


Some commercial ice machines come with water filters while other machines allow these filters to be attached after purchase. Water filters can prolong the life of your ice machine by helping to filter out sediments or minerals in your water that can cause hard water build up. In addition, a water filter will ensure that your ice cubes do not taste strange or have debris in them and customers will appreciate quality ice cubes. Water filters do not eliminate the need to regularly clean out your ice machine but do make the process easier.


If your ice machine doesn’t have any storage bins attached or if you desire to have ice in a different area of your business, an ice storage bin is the answer. An extra ice storage bin is a wonderful addition for individuals who own a large restaurant. Ice bins offer an added convenience for employees who may be stationed farther away from the kitchen. These bins come in a variety of sizes that you can choose from depending on the space you have to work with at your business. Some storage bins have antimicrobial agents inside in order to protect your ice against microscopic airborne particles or debris. For example, the Hoshizaki B-500PF boasts top of the line H-GUARD Plus antimicrobial agent and is able to hold 360 pounds of ice! These ice bins are easy to clean and also keep ice well insulated.

You want your ice machine to function to the best of its ability so why not couple it with different accessories that are guaranteed to fulfill all your ice needs. From scoops and water filters to storage bins Bush Refrigeration is happy to answer any ice machine accessory questions you may have.

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