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Accessories For Better Storage in Commercial Refrigeration Units

Accessories For Better Storage in Commercial Refrigeration Units

To get the most out of a commercial cooler, a business owner will want to take advantage of the latest accessories that provides them with the most storage space while still keeping its aesthetic appeal for customers. When shopping for a new unit or looking for additional features to add on to an existing unit, there are a few standout accessories that enhance the overall look and convenience for customers and owners alike.

LED lighting is one of the most popular features found in walk-in coolers. Not only does this type of lighting make it easier for customers to see the content, but it can save money over time. LED lights do not contain dangerous mercury, and most LED bulbs can easily last twice as long as fluorescent lighting, which saves time and money on replacements. LED lighting also makes coolers more visually appealing. Read more in our previous post about LED lighting vs T8 lighting.

Customer convenience should always be something that is considered, and no customer wants to stretch to reach a soda at the back of the cooler. Models equipped with gravity shelves make it easy to grab a drink, as they slide into place when one is removed. It also cuts down on the time required to stock the cooler.

Keeping extra stock organized is critical for a number of reasons. Not only does it keep everything neat and easy to find, but it also keeps boxes, containers, bottles, and other objects out of the way, keeping the area safe for employees and customers. Storage shelves are crucial accessories that make cooling units even more functional.

One of the standout features in a walk-in cooler is the glass. The glass fronts not only make it easy to see what is inside, but they also add visual appeal to a store, restaurant, or other business. Stylish designs, curved glass, and aesthetically-pleasing viewing windows add a modern touch to any business that has coolers prominently on display.

Another accessory that makes a cooler more functional is a thermostat alarm. These not only display the temperature so that it is easy to read, but they also have an audible alert that sounds when the temperature inside of the cooler is too cold or too hot. This helps keep products at optimum temperature, reducing spoilage, and it is also a way to identify potential problems. For example, if the temperature consistently stays several degrees above what it is set, this could indicate a problem with door seals, which would need to be replaced.

With these accessories, coolers can be made even more functional, providing business owners with organization options, while also providing a more attractive and appealing appearance for customers, all while keeping everything contained inside at the perfect temperature.

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