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5 Tips When Choosing a Display Case

5 Tips When Choosing a Display Case

Now that you have either decided to open a new store, remodel your existing one, or it is time to replace an outdated beverage display case, there are a number of important factors to consider before making the purchase. Buying commercial beverage display cases is not as simple as opening a catalog and pointing to one on the page. When choosing the right beverage display case for your specific needs you will have the option to have a display only, also known as a reach-in style or one with storage in the back, which is referred to as a display/storage combo. You want to consider all your options, the top five things to look for when choosing a beverage display case are, the dimensions and capacity of the cooler, warranty, whether it is energy efficient or not, location of condensing unit, and the overall appearance of the cooler.

Do you only need to purchase one cooler or several coolers to display your merchandise? When considering the size interior capacity of beverage display coolers that you require, you must consider the product you are displaying and the available space you have. Keep in mind the amount of product you need to keep on hand at all times and how fast you will need to replenish your product. Will your establishment be offering oversized product that needs to be stored in the beverage display coolers as well? If so, you will want to make sure that the shelving and interior capacity of the cooler can hold the product with easy access for your customers to purchase. Also, the size of the equipment you will purchase depends on the space you have available in your store. Unlike a reach-in style cooler, there is no real standard size to a walk-in. Walk-ins are built to order and can be tailor-made to meet your exact needs. Every option you will be given depends on your location. You do not want to overcrowd the sales floor, if you do; the customer may not feel comfortable shopping. Furthermore, check the specifications for the exterior dimensions to make sure it will fit through your doorway.

An important question to ask when you are purchasing your new beverage display cooler is about the warranty. You want to know what your warranty does and does not cover, who do you call when you have a service issue, how long is your warranty period, and if there is warranty paperwork you will need to fill out. The standard warranty is one year on parts and five years on the compressor, labor warranty varies depending on the specific model you select, you will want to discuss this in detail with your commercial refrigeration specialist. If you have a comprehensive understanding of your warranty guidelines and know what is required by you and what to expect from your supplier, if an unexpected problem occurs, you can rest assure to have a smooth resolution to any service issue.

Many consumers are becoming more conscience about the environment and saving money, both can be achieved by selecting products that meet Energy Star® guidelines. While the consumers are looking into products that are more energy efficient, the manufacturers are taking strides to become more energy efficient to meet the customers' requests and federal and state guidelines. Only products that meet guidelines set in place by The Department of Energy's Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) are eligible for Energy Star® qualifications and have the capability to display their label.

An assortment of beverage display cases are available in a self-contained or remote refrigeration configuration. In a self-contained cooler the condensing unit would be mounted within the bottom or the top of the case, depending on the model. In most cases, a small business that is renting their location will opt for this option so the equipment can be easily moved in the future if necessary. You may want to consider choosing remote refrigeration if your display case requires a larger condensing unit or if you have multiple condensing units. With multiple units or a larger condensing unit more noise and heat will be generated into your store. If you do choose to purchase beverage display coolers that require a remote condensing unit, you will need to contract with a licensed electrician and refrigeration specialist to make the required connections for you.

The aesthetics of the beverage display case that you are purchasing is just as important as the functionality of it. You will have options of colors and some units offer eye-catching signs to promote the available product. Presentation is a big factor within a store; customers are more likely to shop in a store that is visually appealing. Staging a location is not only for selling a home, but also selling your products.

The beverage display coolers that you purchase not only represent your business but it also represents the products you are selling. During the process of deciding what will work best for your business, remember to ask questions and be as knowledgeable as possible. Be sure to discuss your requirements and expectations with a commercial refrigeration specialist to ensure that you are getting exactly what works best for your business.

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